Hello there!

My name is Laura and I have been officially bitten by the travel bug. No, I’m not talking about the dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge! I’m talking about that undeniable itch to pick up and move around the globe whenever time and money permits it.

Currently, I work in accounting which is very boring! However, it does give me a pretty decent salary that allows me to afford to travel whenever I can. Of course, accounting is a demanding job so it is not like I can just pick up and go when the urge strikes. And often, that urge is during the stressful month-end close period of my job each month.

I started this site because I love to travel and I feel kind of blessed that I have managed to create a life that gives me the opportunity to be able to do that. I know that not everyone can afford to travel, and even some people who can afford it are only able to stay within the borders of the U.S. So, I feel very lucky that I can afford to get on a plane or a ship and visit some far off lands and countries that I’ve read about in travel magazine or seen on the Travel Channel.

This site is just a place for me to share some of that love of travel. Sure, you might see some mentions of my job here and there (and money cause I love to talk about personal finance),  but I promise to try and keep the main focus of this site on the awesomeness of travel. And i hope that you enjoy it!