tent camping

Today it is possible to “rough it” and go camping in a tent at any one of thousands of roadside camping grounds that have running water, toilets and showers. There are many commercial camping grounds that for a small fee we can be accommodated and a small plot of land is made available for us.

While most people camp in campers that are pulled behind vehicles, camper vans, and full blown motor homes, there is a contingency who prefer to camp in tents.

It is possible to purchase tents that range in size from a pup tent, to those that can sleep six, eight or up to 12 people at a time. For most families, a tent that will sleep four to six people is usually sufficient.

It is very easy to store and take a tent along with you on your travels, and then when you come to your destination for the night, the tent can be erected withing 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the tent.

Most tents are of sufficient sturdiness so that they will withstand a moderate storm. Storms that are severe, such as a tornado you are going to have to run for shelter anyway, but for a normal tent that you erect, you will have adequate shelter from rain, sleet or snow.

The usual sleeping regimen will consist of a sleeping bag, which will provide insulation thick enough to provide adequate warmth throughout the night. The tent itself will provide some warmth, but the sleeping bag will keep the body heat inside the bag.

Some people prefer a blowup air mattress to be placed under the sleeping bag for comfort, or they can sleep on a cot with an aluminum frame. Both of these items are very easy to change into collapsible form and to store while traveling.

With a good portable camping stove that runs on white gas or kerosene, you have the perfect format for a good breakfast of bacon and eggs, along with a piece of toast and coffee, that will get you started on your day. Outdoorsman Up also suggest a good LED lantern in your gear as well.

All of these items can be purchased for a sum of money somewhere in the neighbor hood of $500 or so and they will last a lifetime. If you have the hankering to travel, tent traveling is a good and inexpensive way to go. You can get a list of campgrounds where you can stop along the way, purchase your equipment, and off you go!