Dorothy The Location Independent Digital Nomad
I have just recently been able to start working toward a life as a digital nomad. You see, even though I have a pretty cushy job in accounting, I still yearn to be able to do a bit of travel instead of all the sitting at the office cubicle.  Of course, I do not really have a way to replace that accounting income just yet, which means that I cannot jump  into the deep end and take up the life of a digital nomad.

With that in mind, I was able to convince my job to let me work remotely a couple of days each week, with the exception of the month-end close week cause we are always swamped and working overtime hours during that week.  So, that was my first hurdle that I was able to successfully overcome. And, even better, I get Fridays as one of those days! That means long 3-day weekends almost every week of the month. Boom!

Now, the plan is to test out the waters of traveling and working and see if I actually enjoy this sort of lifestyle. If I do, then I need to find a way to work on making is a full-time thing. And if not, I guess I just get to enjoy those long weekends and not having to go into the office two days a week.

After getting the okay from my boss, I started doing some research on how people do this whole digital nomad thing. And it looks like minimalism is a big part of it. A lot of those travels have been gone from home for years and are only traveling with maybe a backpack or that and a small carry on bag. That is pretty amazing if you ask me!

Of course, the laptop is the main thing that you need to be a digital nomad, right? I debated for a while on getting me one of those really thin and lightweight ones from Apple but I just could not justify the cost. I mean, over a thousand dollars when I could get a Windows laptop that weighs around five pounds for only a few hundred bucks? Yeah, I bought a Dell instead.

Since I wanted to protect my investment, it was time to check out the laptop backpacks situation. Man, there are a lot of those not the market! But after reading some blog posts, I decided to focus only on the checkpoint-friendly laptop backpacks and daypacks for travel. This type of bag is designed to make getting through airport security less of a hassle when it comes to deal with your laptop and the x-ray machines.

So, now I have the backpack, a wifi hotspot and I am ready to set out on a short series of trial runs as a digital nomad. Wish me luck!